World Record of Foosball Play

Be part of setting a World Record of playing!  Everybody can play a local tournament within the 24 hours to participate in the world record.

You choose the location, your guests, the details like rules or duration. The only thing which is fixed is the format: Fair play and every tournament will be played as a Monster-DYP, and if you want a special Knockout-round. Check out Kickertool to run your local, state and World Record events.

Since the event will happen 24h before the UEFA match France-Germany, the playing period  is from 14th of June 8pm till 15th of June 8pm for Central European Time (CET) and locations like Hamburg, Germany, which will be the record “control room”. For example: for Vancouver it would be 6/14/21, 11am till 06/15.

Hashtag your posts with  #foosisallaround