World Masters & Intercontinental Cup 2018

The ITSF World Maters is an event that presents all the Top players all over the World!
This event will take place in 2018 on the same week-end as the Intercontinental Cup means the 28th March
Prize money will be distributed for the top 3 in Men and Women category.
Men: 1st 1 500 €, 2nd 1 000 €, 3rd 500 €
Women: 1st 1000 €, 2nd 600 €, 3rd 400 €
For this edition, all players will receive an entitled to a travel package in order to help them to come to Las
– All players coming from outside of North America, there will be 400 € of travel package.
– And for a player coming from North America, there will be 200 €.
In total, prize money + travel package comprise about 15 000€ (12 000 € in 2016).


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