Given the uncertainties connected with the global sanitary crisis, the ITSF decided to postpone the next ITSF World Cup – initially planned in June 2021 – to 2022.

Following numerous requests from federations to defer this event, added to the inability to foresee the developments of the crisis for the coming months and in order to guarantee the equality of opportunities for the players to take part to qualifications, the International Federation made the difficult decision to postpone the World Cup to a later date.

ITSF Commissions are now working on defining a better date to organise this event. They are also considering a way to start the 2021 ITSF season in the best conditions. More information will be shared with you in the coming months.

Rest assured that it is ITSF’s sincere will to resume the competitions, but that gathering more than 900 players from all over the world in less than 8 months is still difficult to consider.

The ITSF is ready to work with each national federation case by case to explore the conditions for a safe re-opening of their national competitions, according to their local requirements. Feel free to contact the ITSF office about that matter.

Thank you for your understanding.

Farid Lounas

President of the ITSF