ITSF Sport Commission – Maryam Aly

Congratulations to our USA Federation Member, Maryam Aly as a member of the ITSF Sport Commission.

The renewed ITSF Sport Commission (SC) consists of 7 people now: Ekaterina Atanasova (BGR), Maryam Aly (USA), Wolfgang Breuer (AUT), Daniel Görlich (DEU), Klaus Gottesleben (DEU), Abbas Babapour (IRN), and Julian Wortmann (DEU).
Their main task is to prepare the season 2021 and to have a first view towards 2022 and the ITSF World Cup in Nantes.
These are the topics the SC is working on:
  • Revising the Sport Code and the Dress Code
  • Redefining the different types of ITSF tournaments (names and titles)
  • Defining a uniform standard for all World Series tournaments
  • Preparing the ECL 2021
  • Defining the categories and competitions for the ITSF World Cup 2022
  • Revising the qualification rules for the ITSF World Cup 2022
  • Finalizing the schedule and the tournament file for the ITSF World Cup 2022