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ITSF Sport Commission – Maryam Aly

Congratulations to our USA Federation Member, Maryam Aly as a member of the ITSF Sport Commission.

The renewed ITSF Sport Commission (SC) consists of 7 people now: Ekaterina Atanasova (BGR), Maryam Aly (USA), Wolfgang Breuer (AUT), Daniel Görlich (DEU), Klaus Gottesleben (DEU), Abbas Babapour (IRN), and Julian Wortmann (DEU).
Their main task is to prepare the season 2021 and to have a first view towards 2022 and the ITSF World Cup in Nantes.
These are the topics the SC is working on:
  • Revising the Sport Code and the Dress Code
  • Redefining the different types of ITSF tournaments (names and titles)
  • Defining a uniform standard for all World Series tournaments
  • Preparing the ECL 2021
  • Defining the categories and competitions for the ITSF World Cup 2022
  • Revising the qualification rules for the ITSF World Cup 2022
  • Finalizing the schedule and the tournament file for the ITSF World Cup 2022

World Record of Foosball Play

Be part of setting a World Record of playing!  Everybody can play a local tournament within the 24 hours to participate in the world record.

You choose the location, your guests, the details like rules or duration. The only thing which is fixed is the format: Fair play and every tournament will be played as a Monster-DYP, and if you want a special Knockout-round. Check out Kickertool to run your local, state and World Record events.

Since the event will happen 24h before the UEFA match France-Germany, the playing period  is from 14th of June 8pm till 15th of June 8pm for Central European Time (CET) and locations like Hamburg, Germany, which will be the record “control room”. For example: for Vancouver it would be 6/14/21, 11am till 06/15.

Hashtag your posts with  #foosisallaround

ITSF Youth Commission

As one of many USTSO projects, John O’Brien has become the new President of ITSF Youth Commission.

The ITSF is pleased to introduce John O’Brien as President and Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler as member of the ITSF Education Commission. They have both experience in this domain as they are already involved in youth development projects for their national federations.

The ITSF Education Commission is dedicated to the promotion of Table Soccer for the young people on both competition and leisure aspects. It focuses particularly in building educational projects and providing a framework for the practice of the youngest generations.

John and Jan will also work in close cooperation with the ITSF Sport Commission on the matters regarding players under the age of 19.

We give them a warm welcome and hope that their cooperation will benefit to youngsters!

Farid Lounas, President
International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF)


Given the uncertainties connected with the global sanitary crisis, the ITSF decided to postpone the next ITSF World Cup – initially planned in June 2021 – to 2022.

Following numerous requests from federations to defer this event, added to the inability to foresee the developments of the crisis for the coming months and in order to guarantee the equality of opportunities for the players to take part to qualifications, the International Federation made the difficult decision to postpone the World Cup to a later date.

ITSF Commissions are now working on defining a better date to organise this event. They are also considering a way to start the 2021 ITSF season in the best conditions. More information will be shared with you in the coming months.

Rest assured that it is ITSF’s sincere will to resume the competitions, but that gathering more than 900 players from all over the world in less than 8 months is still difficult to consider.

The ITSF is ready to work with each national federation case by case to explore the conditions for a safe re-opening of their national competitions, according to their local requirements. Feel free to contact the ITSF office about that matter.

Thank you for your understanding.

Farid Lounas

President of the ITSF

Formation of the United States Table Soccer Federation

The United States is in the process of forming the first table soccer federation to be recognized on the international stage.

Players and promoters have joined forces with the ITSF to create the United States Table Soccer Organization (USTSO).  The Federation gives a stage to USA players to represent all over the world such as the ITSF World Cup.

More information will be coming soon about this exciting new for USA Foosball.


ITSF and the FEFM (Federacion Espanola de Futbol de Mesa, the Spanish table soccer federation) are pleased to announce that the 4th ITSF congress will take place in Benidorm (Spain), from January 19th to January 21st 2018.

This congress will be a great opportunity to discuss and debate about how to develop your national federation.

The congress will take place at Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, near Alicante. More details available here.

World Masters & Intercontinental Cup 2018

The ITSF World Maters is an event that presents all the Top players all over the World!
This event took place on the same weekend as the Intercontinental Cup, 28th March, 2018.

Prize money was distributed for the top 3 in Men and Women category.
Men: 1st 1 500 €, 2nd 1 000 €, 3rd 500 €
Women: 1st 1000 €, 2nd 600 €, 3rd 400 €

For this edition, all players received a travel package to Las Vegas:
– All players coming from outside of North America received 400 €.
– And for a player coming from North America received 200 €.
In total, prize money + travel package comprise of 15 000€, up from 12 000 € in 2016.