The main goal of the USTSO is to allow American players to represent the United States on the global stage.


The USTSO intends to aid players, promoters, and fans to enjoy and grow our great sport.


Growing our sport at home and abroad is major goal of the USTSO.









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The USTSO would like to congratulate all the players representing the United States in Murcia, Spain for the 2019 World Cup Championships:

1.       Jay Alaei

2.       Maryam Aly

3.       Tony Bacon

4.       Dan Barber

5.       Deliza Baumbach

6.       Steve Beine

7.       Deron Bone

8.       Traci Brubaker

9.       Jack DeFeo

10.   Nino Dijohn

11.   Sam Dijohn

12.   Stayce Fowler

13.   Lexy Gabriel

14.   Dave Gummeson

15.   Jackie Han

16.   J.J. Hearn

17.   Logan Hearn

18.   Midori Kimura

19.   Mark Kraus

20.   Shelly Langley

21.   Cuyler Larue

22.   Todd Loffredo

23.   Rick Macias

24.   Rob Mares

25.   Tracy McMillin

26.   Greg Mendel

27.   Neil Millman

28.   Ezekiel Moore

29.   Liz Moore

30.   Ryan Moore

31.   Steve Murray

32.   Bruce Nardoci

33.   Billy Pappas

34.   Randy Price

35.   Jim Provost

36.   Blake Robertson

37.   Keisha Rue

38.   Sullivan Rue

39.   Terry Rue

40.   Jessica Sanftleben

41.   Garret Sherkenbach

42.   Tony Spredeman

43.   Jerry Todd

44.   Karla Woolverton

45.   Hannah Yager

46.   Khoji Ybarra

47.   Tom Yore

48.   Tom Yore Jr.

49.   Adrian Zamora

ITSF World Cup 2019 Murcia

The ITSF World Cup 2019 is set to take place in Murcia, Spain. The World cup is held every two years and will be filled with the best players throughout the world competing for their home countries.


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